I'm so glad the bread was a success and that you've eliminated the gummy problem. I'm happy that you like the recipe. If you want to use your sourdough starter, give this recipe a try. It is not certain how these legends originated or whether the figure of Arthur was based on a historical person. I do have a recipe for sourdough rugbrød on the site here. I had a bread similar to this one in Chile recently, from a Bavarian bakery and loved it. I normally gently knocks on the bread - the sound should be hollow somehow. Next morning I do the 1h baking whilst having breakfast etc, so that it does not impinge on my working day. I ended up making one large bread and had to adjust my cooking time accordingly. I love this bread! Do you mean dl or cups? I did wait 3 hours and then dove into the small loaf. Can you clarify what this bread is supposed to be like in the middle? I'm happy that you like them. Since I had never made rye bread before, I looked to a lot of resources online to get an idea for how to approach it and what kind of rye bread would work best for my family. o ¿solo uno? Perfect for a healthy breakfast or lunch. It was a mistake in the recipe. When you think the bread is done, you can remove it from the bread tin. Kristi, Your email address will not be published. Hola Kim, soy de Argentina! Looks delicious. Common additions include caramel coloring (no thank you), stout beer, cocoa powder, espresso powder and molasses. I did make some changes however. However, you can use Google to convert the units in volumen into weight. That sounds great, I'm sure your exchange student will love you for that. It is difficult to get some of the ingredients, but worth it once the bread is done. Depending on the weather, etc. I'll also recommend you to try the Danish Pork Meatballs . Sometimes I will come across a rugbrød recipe that calls for flavor enhancers such as caraway, fennel or anise seed in the dough, but this seems to be more of an exception than the rule. Hey Kristi, Can you share I have your sourdough recipe with me? The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (1956-1957) med Bruce Seton og Ronald Leigh-Hunt som Arthur; Arthur of the Britons (1972-1973) med Oliver Tobias som Arthur; The Legend of King Arthur (1979) med Andrew Burt som Arthur; Merlin (1980) med Michael Klemm som Arthur; The Legend of Prince Valiant (1991) med Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. som Arthur… I used your sourdough starter and followed your directions for feeding it the day before, and that also worked out very well. 519 views; 1 year ago; 3:09. But now the texture is drier though still perfectly moist and delicious, and there is no longer any sticky residue on the knife. It gets a lot of good feedback from readers. I build up the starter from the moment I make bread and after a few days, when it looks like two cups or so, I put sourdough in fridge. You simple just stir a little in the sour dough to make the consistency even. Can anyone recommend a place to buy the cracked rye kernels and cracked wheat in the US? It is hard to describe. I’m always stirring my starter with metal spoons and haven’t noticed any detrimental effects. Let me know how it turns out! However, ones this sour dough is made it can be kept 'alive' and then it is faster to make the a rye bread. muy interesante el pan Danes, quería preguntar por las medidas: para estos ingredientes ¿usas dos moldes de 30x10x10 ? I personally also enjoy to change my recipes and come up with new ways of make som e delicious food. Will the rising / baking time or anything else change? So if you keep a rye starter and a wheat starter, feel free to use either in the rugbrød recipe. Regards Kim. Do you have any idea what could have gone wrong and what the consistency should be like when it comes out? I just came back from 3 weeks in Denmark visiting my inlaws and wanted to make more Danish dishes so my sons can be more familiar with Danish food. It will ripen, and depending on the yeasts in the flour and air, may smell like fragrent sour pears or stinky tennis shoes. Our organic pumpernickel flour has all the bran, germ, fiber, flavor, and mineral-rich goodness of the whole rye berry, giving the natural flavor of rich and earthy rye plus an unmistakable, coarse consistency. Not as pretty, I have to admit, but lovely flavor. Let me know if you have any questions! What I did is the first time I made it, I measured according to the recipe, but I weighed everything as well and wrote down the weights I obtained. How do you measure flour by volume? I am happy that you like the recipe for rye bread :-) Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com). I just want to thank you again, t=you have made so many people happy with this bread. Would there be any problem with that? I'll try poking it next time and check my measurements. I have made this recipe several times and always get rave reviews from friends. The day before I plan to make bread I take sourdough from fridge and feed it. The bread is at its best thinly sliced. I'll post it in a short time on my blog. I love the recipe and really want to try making the bread, but I just have trouble with the measurements. Flours differ by season, some grains are not readily available but a little imagination and thoughful substitution permits splendid bread to be easily produced (eg pepitas and / or freka and / or steel cut or some rolled oats substituting for cracked rye kernels that I cannot find in Sydney, Australia) . If you want an authentic Danish rye, you are probably going to have to make it yourself. I finally found courage enough to test your RUGBRØD reciepe. Thanks for letting me know about the plastic wrap/foil - I don't know. 4.9 out of 5 stars 1826 Reviews. Try only adding 1 tbsp if you are trying one more time. I agree with you that is a good solution. In fact, it tasts exactly a sunflower bread that I have purchased in Denmark. Or would it completely change the texture? A baking sheet works just fine. It's nice to have the help of bread flour here because it brings a little gluten structure to the loaf (rye is very low in gluten) and prevents it from getting gummy on the inside (a common problem with 100% rye flour breads). Welcome to my cozy Nordic kitchen! Also, if you use %ages, then aim for 1.5 - 2% salt (that is if flour total is 1 kilo) then salt should be about 15 grams. I just converted your formula into grams. Did you use my recipe for the sourdough? At first I was a bit intimidated about making a starter but following your instructions it was actually quite simple. Thank you! It is quote an effort to find the ingredients in France but I have my sources now. Thanks a lot for your nice comment. However, when it cools of it should be more firm but still quite moist. I'm happy that is worked out pretty good. I didn't know the 205 F trick - However, I'll test it next time I am making a rye bread. My husband is 50% Norwegian and Danish. Having lived in northwest Connecticut for over 35 years, in close proximity to NYC with its great Jewish delis, baking some of the finest rye bread going, I snagged this recipe from a friend. It was delivered in two days. Flavour-wise it will not change anything. I'm just happy that you also like the recipe :-). Rye bread or Rugbrød as it is called in Danish, is a type of bread which is packed with different seeds, grains and cracked rye and is therefore a very healthy alternative to regular white bread. Just add the starter to the seeds like they show in the video. It is now my go to recipe. Thank you!!! Thank you for the recipe. So easy to make, it is delicious, and it keeps very well. 1 hr. mine will sometimes touch the top of the pan (which is kind of nice because you get that nice square shape). It's hard to say. I never imagined I could make my own. Am I missing something? They look the same and it's easy to get the two mixed up. If you have any ideas please share! Mar 3, 2014 - The New Year is here and the children's mood swings as well as scales are a gentle (or not so gentle!) I will have to give it a try! Looking for a rye bread recipe, I found yours. I couldn't get all the ingredients here in Uruguay (rye kernels, gravy browning) so I made a couple of local modifications but the result is soooo good! The last two times I’ve baked my breads came out with the hole below the crust. I, too, would love the sourdough rugbrod recipe! Виж повече от King Arthur във Facebook. Thanks. I would tack on an extra 10 minutes of baking time at the very end after you have turned the loaf out onto the baking sheet. Hi, I'm in the US, and know that our standard sizes are not the same as European pans. Thanks for the feedback, Judy! Same results:( my next try will be cutting the rise time, once the dough is in the bread pan. Hi Gina. Thank you! Directed by Guy Ritchie. Delicious! Thank you for your recipes. I think I would try using half the sunflower seeds and see how that goes rather than subbing in a different seed altogether. Hi Connie. Hi there, this looks like a great recipe for rugbrød. Could the amount of salt be a misinterpretation from Danish to standard U.S. measurements? i followed the instructions but the loaf came out quite flat and raw in the middle. 450g Water. The Bob's Red Mill brand has been difficult to track down recently. I get the crust, when a big hole and then the actual bread. Do I measure it by full hydration water weight or by partial hydration water and flour weight? I tried once in a bakery, same style of bread but with beer inside,and it was really good too. I am asking this since you do not mention in your instructions. Explore . Thanks for the tip :-). Many thanks! I also believe that it can be a great help for others. I normally never remove or discard any of the sourdough. Regards Kim (NordicFoodLiving.com). I’m just getting my starter going and planning to bake on Sunday. How much longer do I cook it for? Sourdough Bread .. Kristi. New Potato Smørrebrød with Garlic Aioli and Crispy Shallots, Balsamic-Glazed Mushroom Smørrebrød with White Bean Puree, Roasted Butternut Squash Smørrebrød with Spicy Harissa Mayo and Pepitas, Roasted Salmon Smørrebrød with Creamy Mustard Dill Sauce and Pickled Beets, Smoked Salmon and Fennel Salad Smørrebrød, Beet and Celery Root Cake Smørrebrød with Herbed Skyr Sauce, Caramelized Leek and Snap Pea Salad Smørrebrød, 7 grain hot cereal mix such as Bob’s Red Mill brand, https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CXHVC4J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. Tack as mycket for hjalpen About the sourdough. I decided to preheat the oven, which took 15 minutes. How much room should I leave at the top of the pan? You certainly can mix the dough manually, it is just really sticky and difficult to work with. I don't have any experience using other types of seeds for making rye bread. I have made this bread several times and t's fabulous. Thank you for your comment. Hi. Hi Stephanie. Yes you are right - it makes most sense to use decilitre when talking liquids. Hi. You can do both. NO METAL MUST TOUCH THE STARTER! Hi Frank, I would say about 2/3 to 3/4 full. I end with three loaves of a total weight of 2.1kg (750, 750, 600gr approx). We tasted the bread and slid the two loaves into the garbage. After 36 or even 48 hours the bread has a real bite to it. We normally add a little gravy browning to give the bread a more brown color. For the past ten years I have been working on this bread and I am surprised to find that I have landed on your target. Yield. The next time you can use the built-in converter which you can find at the recipe (button called US Customary) :-). What did you end up using instead? Bread looked fine, but was much too salty. try to be a bit kinder to people who bother to post things. Bread making is a "living process". Did you cover the loaf during the first half hour of baking and follow all of the changes in temperature? I've corrected the text now. I just moved to the US and my kids misses their Rugbrød so much so I want to make my own. Have you ever run into this? Hi, I'm Kristi! Apr 13, 2018 - Rich and tangy, rugbrød is delicious paired with a slice of aged cheese and some lacto fermented veggies. *Edited on February 3, 2020 to include affiliate links and to add 10 minutes to the baking time once the loaf is removed from the pan. However, I've never tried it personally myself. I really appreciate it. Hi Lucy Making it again now per your instructions and will let you know how it turns out. It's really good. Thank you! I had brought back the packs from Bilka and never could get it even close.