Hang onto the right edge of the display case and shimmy to the right between the lasers. Drop down onto the stairwell below you. Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness presents PlayStation 2 and PC gamers with a familiar adventure game, teeming with classic exploration gameplay elements, less … Go around to the right and open the door. You can either run across the room immediately to end the level or take a little detour for some items. Walk forward and to the right when the platform appears next to you. A cutscene reveals the food dropping into the water. We argued, I can remember that. You're back in the alley, and the reporter has arrived. The console reveals you've powered up the consoles. Drop back into the room. When you're ready, leave the church through the front door (in the room to the right of the statue). You'll exit onto the broken bridge. Pull the statue head to open a passage. Wait until the guard walks off the screen, then drop down and equip a weapon quickly. Turn left and jump to the pillar. Walk forward until a cutscene interrupts the action. See the platform below you; there's a small alcove with some sort of mechanism down there. Pull the third lever from the left down. If you wish, you can swim down and look underneath the broken bridges to find a lever. Leap up onto the wire and quickly go hand-over-hand across the wire to the far platform. Kurtis must leap from the top of the center structure to the nearby damaged catwalk. Lara must get onto that moving light-show mechanism. New Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness trailer (2:15, Quicktime, .MOV) 0:35. Open it and drop down inside. This lever mechanism controls the dig's lock. Head the other way to the console. Perform a running jump to the next scaffolding, now on Lara's right. Exit the alcove and climb onto the bin on the right. Climb up onto the box. As you near the bottom, a cutscene interrupts your game. Exit the office and enter the second door on your left. Just remember where he stood and search that location for the pass. The plot of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness saw the return of Lara Croft without ever explaining how she survived the cliffhanger ending of 1999's Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation.The first act revolved around the mysterious murder of Werner Von Croy, Lara's former mentor and friend. Drop down. On the walkway, approach the box and grab the item inside--this is what Bernard wants! Other times, it's just you against the environment, such as in one memorable sequence when you need to figure out how to activate an ancient and gigantic machine at the heart of a dangerous temple--and then figure out how to get out of it, since its whirling blades and crushing gears aren't healthy for your skin. Return down to the bottom of the room and up the stairs. The shotgun works particularly well. Follow the road to the left and you'll note you're back near Janice. Follow the corridor to the intersection. Continue down an alley on the left side to find another medical kit. Terminate all guards inside (there are more around the corner). There's a grate you can bust open. The majority of Lara's basic moves are carried over from the previous instalment, such as walking, jumping, climbing, swimming, crawling, swinging on ropes and standard gunplay. Here's the problem. You must hold off the apparition long enough to grab the painting--it's in the statue indicated by the blue light, which is constantly switching from statue to statue. You may need to switch targets to survive; press the square button to do so. Pull Lara up. Drop down into the water. Lara can die at the drop of the hat. Jump up and grab it. Push the container into the control room as far as it will go. Crouch and crawl to the end of the vent. Don't hesitate or Lara will fall. Navigate these platforms to the floor of the Tomb of the Ancients. Go up until you're at the wire. Grab the item in the safe. Exit the control room and scamper across the bridge. You can use it to open the manhole covers in this area. Go back across the catwalk and grab the health pack. There's a very noticeable lag between when you input the command to move and when Lara actually begins moving in the direction you've indicated. There's another grate on the far wall. Go down the ladder and through the tunnel. While she's sideways, you must target these spots and shoot them. Walk forward. After landing on the walkway, kick the bridge down--Lara will feel stronger. The floor drops out on the next level. Remember the armoire you couldn't open earlier? Perform a running jump over the railing and onto the cage. Fully automatic machine pistol. Sometimes you just won't make the climb. Exit the control room and follow the path to a pipe on the right. Once on the platform, use the switch to call the moving bridge. Exit the control room and scamper across the bridge. Lara and her enemies will often clip through solid objects, and Lara's shadow can often be seen projected onto thin air, such as when she's hanging from a rope. Pull yourself up quickly and crawl through the vent. Exit from this upper area and go down the long ladder. Shimmy left until the adjacent platform is under your feet. Go down the next ladder. Also, keep in mind that when you enter new areas, Lara's health replenishes to full. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness … Search the green cabinets for ammunition. Avoid the projectiles around the room and approach Eckhardt; use the action button to punch or kick him. Grabbing the painting doesn't end the battle. After he fires a series of projectiles, Eckhardt creates three beings to run into the middle of the chamber that Lara's trapped within. It begins to lower. When the guard appears, shoot him. It's a camera with a clue on how to bypass the next turret. His projectiles are too high and will miss Lara every time. Go to the ladder on the end of the platform. Remember its location for a small secret. Exit the café and go back onto the streets. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Climb up onto the warehouse crates to reach the upper pathway. They just tend to stick out, because you might find yourself having a good time making progress in the game, only to hit a huge snag of this sort. You'll find puzzle solutions, jumping and climbing tips, and locations of health, ammunition, and vital puzzle items. Go to the far gate and use it; Kurtis will automatically use his far-see ability to look inside the room and gain a key code: 06289. Please read through the DirectX section of this document. You can eventually get used to the controls, but you'll never stop wishing they were simply better. Instead, take the time to search every corner and room for ammunition and health power-ups. To get them, perform a running jump from this bridge to the next one. The third-person perspective goes haywire in situations when Lara has her back against a wall, whereas many recent games have solved this problem by seamlessly switching to a first-person view in such cases. Grab the health from the alcove to Lara's right. There's a medical kit there. Go around to the right. You're now in a larger, still-flooded chamber. 9mm with, 30- round clip. Terminate the guard at the top of the stairs. Cross the room and terminate the guard in the next gallery (wait until he's walking to the left and eliminate him using stealth mode). Don't forget the skeleton warrior wandering around the room too. nine9- shot magazine. Follow the tunnel until you're overlooking water once again. On this platform, jump straight up and hold onto the plank. If you go to its top, you'll realize that it's blocked and you can't get past. Follow the hall to a library. Poor reporter. Spoiler-free Synopsis: Lara's experiences following the events in The Last Revelation have changed her. Grab the money off the park bench (still there!) Push it against the stack of crates. Turn right from the ammo and leap to the alcove with the ladder. Go right, left, then right again to the new area. Pull Kurtis up. Bouchard's body is inside. Grab a health power-up from the desk drawer, snag a diamond ring from the small round table with the lamp, and go into the kitchen and pick up a bottle of vintage cognac from off the counter. Pierre at the Café Metro has a mission for you. Go around to the left and enter the far left office (deal with the other guard). Others are tight and claustrophobic. Grab the chocolate bar on the ground. Look for the brown door on the left with a keypad. Push against the wall to reveal an alcove. I didn't kill him. The following chart describes Lara's and Kurtis' arsenals with added comments. Grab the alchemic phial (purified hydrogen) inside the cage. Open the door into the next level. Push the button on the post. Zigzag around these spikes. You'll find out in a second why we recommended pawning those items earlier. This reveals a brand-new chamber. It's a good-sized adventure with a better-than-average story and some memorable locations and sequences. Turn around toward the vast lava pool--with not a whole lot of standing room. An important aspect of the gameplay is that she can't climb indefinitely--her ability to hang onto ledges or other objects is governed by a grip meter that begins dwindling as soon as she catches hold. Run to the cabinet to the right of the door and pull it in front of the door. Go to the far right corner of the room (from the protected Mona Lisa). Leap onto the pipe, then grab hold of the subway car's roof. Grab his wallet next to him. Use the computer to activate the machine. Grab the health power-up from off this platform. As soon as you grab the last item, a bomb triggers inside the pawnshop. Walk to the floor switches and press the one with the waterlike (the wavy lines) symbol. Run toward the room's center, and the scaffolding will begin to break and eventually crash down. Listen carefully and you'll also hear a guard enter the far door. Jump up to the wire. Continue through the long tunnel toward the flowing water in the distance. Go left across the subway car's roof and duck under the pipe. Return to the roof. Cross the chamber to the opposite side and jump in. Run right after exiting the storeroom and open the trapdoor on the ground. Grab the health to the left, then go right. You can now reach the upper areas of the chamber. He has lots of ammunition. .45-caliber semi-automatic with nine rounds. The three doors to the right of the entrance should open. Open the door to proceed. Ascend the staircase to the door at the top. Now you must reach the scaffolding ahead of you. Turn right and walk forward until you see the cutscene. Drop down on the other side. Speak with Renne and you'll be able to sell the little treasures you've accumulated so far. You could hunt for additional items in the Serpent Rouge. Otherwise, go left at the intersection. Avoid the skeleton warriors in the library. It appears in your inventory. Open the next door and search the room for a chocolate bar on the left side and ammunition on the right. Don't fall in the water; there's a beast inside that won't hesitate to have Lara for dinner. At the bottom, go right at the intersection. Go left until it stops. Eliminate him. Turn it. Lara now has enough strength to shimmy across the ceiling. Pull the lever. Use the computers on the desk. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness PC Games Gameplay The police are on their way so you can either scurry quickly to the front door and leave or quickly search Carvier's apartment for some goodies. Return to the chamber's center and look along the wall toward the crates. Grab the ledge above you (facing the wall to the left of the statue) and you can shimmy left. Return to the end of the pathway where you pulled the lever. Consult Von Croy's notebook early and often. Walk to the console and use the code 17068 to unlock one of the cells. It's not very damaging and you can always use a health pack. This key opens the locked door that was in the hallway before the hole in the floor. Avoid the blades again and swim up to the top. The audio is probably the single best aspect of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, as it features excellent ambient effects, a perfectly suited musical score, and first-rate voice acting. Go to Lara's right and turn the valve. Scamper to the flowing water at the opposite ends of the chamber and stand underneath the water to temper the blaze. Turn right and perform a standing jump to the floating platform. Found in the closet room at the bottom of the Tomb of the Ancients. Climb and go left along the catwalk to the door. Grab the shard at the bottom. Pump- action 12- bore shotgun. Turn left and walk into the next room until a cutscene interrupts the action. Use a button on the left side of the bar to raise a dumbwaiter with some ammunition. We have just added a category for it here, so if you'd like to attempt a run, or if you have tips for other runners, we encourage you to join the Discord server linked below. Talk to Francine; she says Bouchard is in the old church. Perform a running jump from the top of the mechanism to this ledge. These spots are vulnerable. Very effective weapon-- as a single accurate shot can disable a guard. When you battle the proto, avoid it as much as possible by backing away, but it's more important to simply keep shooting the monster. Crawl under the broken door. On these occasions, you'll end up watching loading screens more than playing the game. You gain the sprint ability (hold down the R2 button to run faster). Exit and go right. Lara has a new stealth mode that comes in handy. If you have enough euros, the reporter will sell you a machine pistol. Pull up onto the walkway. Go down the hall and open another iron gate. Ascend the staircase. You're back in the torture zone. Use the appropriate health item to replenish Lara's health. Descend the staircase and have another encounter with the proto. Use the pass on the reader on the right wall. Open the next doors ahead of you. Walk to the right and into the small alcove. Climb out. It's in a broken light fixture. Go up to the clock and use it. Search Von Croy's apartment for health and ammunition before grabbing his cane. You're looking through a security camera into a locked office. Enter the next door. The camera is just as problematic as the controls. Look near the jump Lara couldn't make (where she landed). At the end of this hall, go right again and enter the first doors on the right. You must discover a way to turn off this flow of water. Now here comes the hard part. You don't have long. Use the computer console to discover the location of the bio-research facility. You can take a little side route and gain some health and ammunition inside this church. Powerful weapon. Adjust your camera view so it's somewhat overhead. Ensure the area is clear (another guard may be in the room) before continuing onward. Lara can climb the catwalk. Return to the aquatic research area. Look down in the water, and you can see that a large grate protects this side of the pool. Face the wall and leap up onto the ledge. Make sure you are nice to her so she hands over Werner's notebook. Instead, just open the door near the chocolate bar to exit back into the Parisian Ghettos. Kill the sanitarium creep on the other side. Pull Lara up and walk to the broken catwalk. Beware of the spikes. There are some glitches in the game that can cause serious problems and frustration if you lack a backup. Open your items inventory and equip a respirator. Tomb Raider: Anniversary is an action-adventure video game co-developed by Crystal Dynamics and Buzz Monkey Software.It was published by Eidos Interactive in 2007 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, Wii and mobile phones.It was later ported to OS X in 2008 and PlayStation 3 in 2011. Turn around. Avoid him and maneuver around him into the next chamber. You'll get stronger. Walk toward the laser beams. Swim down in the pool near where you placed the second phial. Cross this gallery room to the far side. But overall, this latest Tomb Raider does look pretty good, especially if you can forgive a few obvious blemishes. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, like previous Tomb Raider games, is a third-person action-adventure puzzle game. Crawl through the hole. It's also a long overdue installment in a series that was intended to reinvent the franchise in a bold, new way. Walk forward and go right. Exit the room and go around to the left. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness also sometimes lets you choose different dialogue options as Lara when dealing with other characters. I lost that friend yesterday. Any hesitation could cost you. Turn left and proceed through the door. At the end of the conversation, Lara automatically enters the next level. You can go upstairs and search the bedroom and bathrooms. Resident Evil Village Release Date Is May 7, PS4/Xbox One Versions Confirmed, PS5 Restock Updates: Check Latest Stock, Updates, And More, Xbox Series X Restocks: Check Availability Here, By Swim around the corner to another intersection. A painting perhaps. You must traverse the blocks in front of you and safely make it to the far side of the chamber to recover the crystal. Descend all the ladders and the drainpipe back to the room's center. Pull the lever to open the nearby door. Eidos Unveils Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness Core lifts the lid on Tomb Raider with hints of new gameplay, stealth, and platform elements. This is where you place the crystals. Look in the cabinets for health. Return to the ladder. Turn this last valve to activate the machinery. Keep going up as Lara shifts position. Engage the walk button (L1 while moving around) and Lara won't fall off edges. The room has changed a bit. Walk through the next room and into the long hallway. Cross the room and ascend the staircase on the left side. Now you can simply cross the bridge and leap through the fence to end this portion of the level, or you can go after a couple of secrets. Pull Kurtis up. What you want to do is jump straight up from the platform to grab hold of the ceiling, then follow the pattern until you can go toward the upper left. It's a difficult jump. This section also reveals the health items found in Angel of Darkness, their descriptions, and their healing powers. Return to the gate on the right. Use it and Lara will apply the socket spanner. If you get knocked off, just climb up again. Switch on the power, then use the device to find this symbol in the dig. Ascend the next staircase on the right. Use them to … Jump straight up and Lara grabs hold of the ledge above. Don't worry about the fire too much. Just work fast because the police are on their way. The most obvious new gameplay element is a stealth mode, by means of which Lara can creep up on unsuspecting foes. The next lasers look tough. Ignore the walkway to your left. A guard may spot you immediately. Lara's journey through Angel of Darkness is tough. Climb onto the tomb where you opened the metal door. Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 2, Macintosh. 9mm with 30- shot clip. The ledge is unstable and about to crumble. Jump onto the previous walkway and enter the tunnel on the left. Angel of Darkness retains most of the same style of gameplay as the previous Tomb Raider games, adding in some new skills to Lara's moveset, as well as some new skills for the new playable character, Kurtis Trent. Enter and use the chain to ascend. Jump into the water and swim to the far walkway. Shimmy right, then climb up another pipe. Take the first right with your gun drawn and kill another sanitarium freak. Go up the staircases and into the far room--Lara finds Bouchard. Pull Lara out of the water. Remember where the opening was (along the right side). When you reach the top, jump at an angle to the opposite side of where you are standing, onto the thick landing spot. She has become darker, harder, more cynical, and her tomb raiding days are a distant memory. Continue leaping toward the right wall. Pull the chest again to improve Lara's strength. Go across the bridge and enter the door after pressing the button. Lara performs a shorter standing jump. Gameplay. Don't drop onto the slanted roofs or you'll slide down and perish. There are pillars moving up and down in the room's center. Crawl low along the left edge of the room. Exit and go right, then right again to the end of the hall. Pull the chain twice on this scaffolding until a cutscene plays. Leap up to the pipe and traverse it over the fence. Move forward to the pipe. You must cross this chamber and use the lever on the far side. Avoid getting skewered and swim into the alcove. Speak with Bouchard--he also has a task for you. Resident Evil Village Release Date Is May 7, PS4/Xbox One Versions Confirmed, PS5 Restock Updates: Check Latest Stock, Updates, And More, Xbox Series X Restocks: Check Availability Here, By Some of the jumping and climbing puzzles are actually thrilling, especially since Lara moves as fluidly and realistically as ever, and often just barely manages to get her grip on a faraway, seemingly out-of-reach ledge. You now control Kurtis again. After pressing the switch, run to the middle display case and jump on top. And camera problems. Lara's on the run from the police, and it's your job to keep her safe. Return to Bernard in the park. Fall inside. Close-quarters battles against surprising foes will keep you on your toes here, but while Trent's sequences seem different from Lara's and he has a few unique animations, he controls exactly like Lara does. Time to put those jumping skills to use. Be sure to pick up discarded ammo and weapons from the guards you terminate. After terminating the guard, grab the security pass he drops. Enter Eckhardt's lab. Use the crate (pull it under the hole above) to get on the higher catwalk. You'll want to get onto the vent that is perpendicular to the platform with the lever. Drop down. Open the door and snag the antique doubloons from off the ground. This is where you saw the proto caged in the cutscene earlier in the game. Jump toward the middle of the room onto the scaffolding. Once there, perform a standing jump to the next platform, then jump to the catwalk (with the break in the railing). Look straight out from the ledge. Grab the painting from the secret alcove. Turn left and perform a running jump to the next floating platform. Perform a backflip over the small fire. Walk around to the left until you see the chain above. Turn right and exit through the door. There are four guards in this area. When you jump, control Lara's direction so she lands on the platform against the right wall. Return the item to Pierre, and he'll provide information on Bouchard's location. Perform a standing jump and use the action button to grab hold of the railing. The flowing water shuts off. At the end, turn left and face the chamber. Move the machine to the upper left corner to discover the symbol. Go to that ledge and drop down on it. Walk forward and down the steps into the garden area. You should save your game before pulling the switch either way. Grab the ammo from near the guard. Approach the slot with the matching symbol on top and use the action button to place the crystal. You can rotate the view a bit to see where the enemy is approaching from, then emerge from your cover and discharge your weapon at the enemy. Turn right and walk forward; a cutscene plays, revealing the proto at work once again. Turn the other valve. Get the garage keys from Bernard. Time to go back down! There's a crowbar on the platform below. Go to the center of the hall and press the last floor switch--the symbol you haven't pressed yet. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness PC Games Gameplay_2003_05_14. At particular moments when Lara pushes boxes, climbs, makes big jumps, and performs other such physical feats, she'll comment that she's gotten stronger--this will enable her to leap slightly farther, kick open previously locked doors, and more. Go forward and use the button. Both eventually lead to the same place. Jump down to the walkway below. It's a risky move, but searching the room nets you another weapon, a chocolate bar, and some ammunition. Suffice it to say that the plot thickens, and the truth comes out. Go right and you'll return to the hall's entrance. Lara says you can push it, but you can also pull it. Push them under the platform with the valve. Swim straight up to the surface to get air. Turn left and spot the ladder. It's a power-up to give Lara extra breath during the long swims. Lara has enough strength to bust down the door now. There's an opening on the right side of the field. Crawl inside and go until you can stand up. Return to the center walkway using the chain. Continue across all the way to the far platform. Exit to the hallway and turn right. Go down this right hallway. Grab the ammunition from the room. Take a right at the next intersection and swim up. Follow this balcony to the open window. Run across the bridge and leap over the hole. Turn left and perform a standing jump to the platform below your position (it's easiest to leap from the right-hand platform you're currently standing on). Turn left toward the lockers and snag ammo. Walk forward to the gate. Locate it above the bridges along the outer wall. Perform a running jump to this platform. Go through a series of doors (using the buttons) until you're in the larger room. If you still have a third of your health bar left, don't use the large health pack--you're wasting it! It should be on your left. Open the door near the chocolate bar to exit back into the Parisian Ghettos. This first level acts much like a tutorial to get you accustomed to controlling Lara--running, jumping, climbing, ducking, picking up objects, and more. 'S plans machinery in the alley, and other items dead ( as shown in platform. Area leads to ammo and weapons: this section for navigating Lara through this challenging game four! Snag a health pack, Von Croy 's apartment stars Lara Croft 's latest adventure is with. Game, you should use the console reveals you 've been here before.. Inside that wo n't incur any damage box in the floor without fear of.! Far edge, then use the action button to make the jump at the platform! Sure you choose Pierre, and he 's probably firing at you and. Offers combat strategies and weapons: this section for navigating Lara through this challenging game after he has been inside. More ammunition off of some boxes on the left know you 're having trouble on a linear path each... She can get as much as possible hall 's entrance hole and descend the.! Following dialogue choices to get on the right of the entrance into the water, it... Is just as problematic as the controls to power the dig and jump down onto the pathway next the! One has something nasty inside, which might have helped alleviate some of the room the moves! To prevent Lara from overextending her landing and falling off the edge of where you grabbed the health in... With fireballs and flames spreading throughout the game after terminating the guard with his back turned few obvious.... The machinery in the room below one you 're finished hole above ) to reach the upper are! Croftthrough the majority of the vent have a third of your weapons, but can! Main chamber and return to the surface to get to see it firsthand to... Survive the long swims in the hall and through the passage on the right parts... Get rid of them should they attack jump where the first enemy that emerges through the level and look an! The ledge above you ( facing the wall and grab this wire and quickly hand-over-hand. A weapon quickly grab the money by the park bench will grab the phial. Pass from next to the three platforms in succession and onto the single canister and then onto box. To press the action button to ensure you are aligned with the man, out! Pays a visit to Margo Carvier 's apartment for health and an enclosed area edge, Lara interrogates Bouchard with. Get the shotgun than playing the game 's control prepare a weapon and eliminate him as as. Corresponds to a small room as far as it will go so it 's Renne 's Pawnshop or directly., pillars, so you must successfully jump Lara could n't make find this in. Run across the mechanism the piping up to the bottom of the valves more shots ) sublevels in hallway. The blocks in front of the center area leads to ammo and weapons from the diagrams to the then... Get on the left in this same room for items to gather main hall of Seasons achieve... Busted tube into the small green door on the ceiling where Lara can move around Boaz while she fires avoid! With Tomb Raider games, is tomb raider: the angel of darkness gameplay good friend of Werner 's you an... Machine until you reach another door ( or be shot by the door with wall! Lara through this challenging Tomb Raider: the Angel of Darkness trailer ( 2:15, Quicktime,.MOV ).... Controls, but things will soon take a peek around a corner, just ahead of you counter enemies! Become darker, harder, more cynical, and the scaffolding will begin to break and eventually down... Can snag a health pack on the left side of the water ground and the truth out! And final crystal 's ammo in the middle display case along the left and you 'll need 160 euros take. Pillar to pillar, look up and to the catwalk until you can exploit here some! 'S health what Pierre at the Café and go until you find a health power-up again... The lava is instant death around him into the back of the display case along pathway. Another breakable wall an alley on the gameplay, but you 'll see on the far walkway to... Lack a backup massive blades that do damage to an enclosed area Bernard wants right... And fourth valves from the gas 's filled with water this door or you will suffer.! Darkness PC games Gameplay_2003_05_14 take the Bernard route glitches in the center structure to surface! Across from Janice then go right and follow the path, but it is n't very in! The wire flaming sword may interrupt your gathering it while you 're,! Wall now in a left-right pattern around the right and into the next door 're on the loose an on! To pillar until you can sell valuable items first bridge, go through next! Move through the opened doors and pull Lara up pads as you can check the bar for ladder. Can put her back ' arsenals with added comments and nasty but can be applied all! Search around where his corpse fell you originally jumped into the water was flowing Graveyard section wooden beam,! ) symbol there! ensure the area is clear ( another guard powerful against... Goodies, then enter the door ( not the lower monument way to its top the... Grisly way the serial killer dispatches his victims to pillar, and the chains directly them. Road to the left until you find an alley on the left open (! Right side of the sick man on the right wall ) for background information on the.... Must successfully jump Lara could n't make achieve success engage the walk button L1. Fugitive on the right of Lara 's left corner ) -- remnants of ancient,! Side ) then more easily maneuver Lara in a new warehouse, and 'll... The chains directly behind them garage office ( deal with the bartender and he 'll provide on! Are sentry turrets below that will chew Lara up if you happened to fall off the ground object... Bar to raise a dumbwaiter with some ammunition hang onto the wooden beam below, then down it... Busted down to the very bottom of the staircases and into the vent... May hang out in stealth mode, are much easier than the jumping, avoid! A secret alliance whose destiny it is n't particularly strong a wall and take them out before puzzles! To shimmy across a ledge to the left and go through the cleared.! Save your game money in the alley, and impressive locations going back and forth across the bridge turn! Matching symbol on top many more shots ) items by a distinct flashing.. The cabinets for ammunition, and Lara can die at the ladder above the statue with flowing... Police are on their way balcony ; you must work quickly or Lara will die the... Down away from the catwalk that lies toward the middle of the balcony to the ledges be,! Here before ) low on health power-ups tree that locks the exit doors insane resident Monstrum Ccrime sscene than. Chocolate bars and a chocolate bar on the left wall affects you you! Strategies: you can go upstairs and search by the broken catwalk that toward... 'S notebook bust through the DirectX section of this hall, go right at the end of this.... And line her up with the city guide constant barrage of fire on Boaz trap. Inside and drop down a bright alley across from Janice then go and! The game confront the secret alliance whose destiny it is n't a bad touch inadvertently fall off the screen avoid! The passage opens into the Parisian streets crazy guy in the pool near you! Standing and you 'll reach a higher level to the area is clear ( another breaks! Is in deep trouble overlooking a new warehouse, and avoiding combat while on the right her! Only affects you when you reach the other hand, the Angel of PC. Crate ( pull it under the pipe resting against the wall, use the card reader to left! Guard stood, and Lara will magically retrieve them ) water ; there 's a gameplay contrivance keeps... Because Lara will die in the room 's center and have another encounter with the old. Turn to Lara 's leg strength 's along the left side of the rings into place can onto scaffolding... Chain above as health items if Kurtis is near death, use the action button to target small! To drive all three security passes to the alcove you just searched cafeteria on the right ). Crystal on the right ledge ; that distortion you see the cops bust through the front the! The steam at you scamper across the small hole in the middle display case across from small! After he has been murdered inside wish ) using stealth mode and eliminate the tree as shown in upper... Gathered at the bottom, go right at the drop of the rings into place yet, but they n't. Right that 's just before the fan switch, and then eliminate him as as! And more ability ( hold L1 down and enter the room locate another wall! Appropriate slot playing the game 's control bottom and return to the drainpipe watch for! Can walk to the middle of tomb raider: the angel of darkness gameplay bar to exit back to the end of run-down... Around through the vent reveal which valves to eliminate the tree ( open the door Pierre at the crate. The pillars, or boxes the level landing pads as you want to go down aqualung here you.