Repair kit included. $4,099.00. The Diablo is another raft that is perhaps surprisingly low in our comparison. For an extra thwart, go to the page for that option and simply order an extra one. Included are two center thwarts. The Super Duper Puma is a fun choice for R4-R7 paddle teams, easy-going overnight rowing trips, and can accommodate three anglers when outfitted with a fishing frame. Purchased this one 4/1/2013 so warranty is good through March of 2023. Used straps to ty it on worked OK my 8 HP was a lot of motor. It will come with all original buying paperwork (purchase receipt and unopened patch kit) along with cataract oars, rowing frame with seat, back and front seats, and silver trailer recently redone (painted, welded, etc.) 13 Foot Whitewater Raft Comparison Shootout, Small Paddle Raft (12' and under) R2/R4 Shootout, 14 foot whitewater raft comparison shootout, 15 and 16 foot whitewater raft comparison shootout, Triad River Tours, 336 36th Street, Suite #191, Bellingham, WA, 98225, USA, Source:,,,,, For the same money we can be running the NRS E-142, which is more adept at 6 load paddle crews. These come in yellow, orange, red, blue, and dark green. The Super Duper allows for up to 8 paddlers and easily holds 3 an- glers or a couple and their … If you are looking for a 14' raft to accommodate gear, but still want a fast, sporty paddle boat, the Super Duper Puma is the perfect fit. Adriana becomes the brand’s new women’s training ambassador. Ive had for 4 years and only used it 4 times … For an extra thwart, go to the page for that option and simply order an extra one. The Airbus Helicopters H225 (previously Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma) is a long-range passenger transport helicopter developed by Eurocopter as the next generation of the civilian Super Puma family. The Williwaw 1 is our favorite raft. The raft design looks, on land, like it’s fast, sleek, and would turn on a dime. A continuous-curve design, short waterline and narrow width make this a highly maneuverable boat. The Aerospatiale Puma, Super Puma, & Cougar v1.3.3 / 01 dec 20 / greg goebel * In the mid-1960s, the Sud Aviation -- later Aerospatiale, still later Eurocopter, now Airbus Helicopter -- firm of France conducted work on a medium lift helicopter for French and British military requirements, with this machine emerging late in the decade as the "Puma". 1:20. Combining the agility of an inflatable kayak with the cargo capacity of a raft, the Super Duper Puma is an … Our most popular model has now been widen to 5'8" and run through our 3-D computer modeler to increase stability and performance. A continuous-curve design, short waterline and narrow width make this a highly maneuverable boat. See description below. The piano hinge style of floor lacing, found in all AIRE rafts, provides quick self-bailing and a plethora of options for getting just the right placement of the thwarts. Aire 130D. Has never been damaged, repaired, or patched. It does well as a stern mount raft on difficult rivers like the Lochsa or Skykomish, and it is a great paddle raft and has been proven as a fleet raft for large commercial whitewater rafting operations on Eastern Rivers. It makes easier water more exciting while remaining stable enough for experienced paddlers to run bigger rivers. The 14 foot raft is, to the whitewater river rafting industry, the swiss army knife of rafts. Thwart designed specifically for the AIRE Super Duper Puma AIRE's beefy strap-in thwarts sit high in the raft so you can paddle with as much horsepower as possible. Used 2016 AIRE Super Puma Raft-Frame-Oars Package for sale.3,950 is the cash price. Just like our other analysis, the most important factor is usability in the conditions facing the guides; that is to say, we pick first the raft that the guides like the best and gives our guests the best ride in the river rafting conditions that the raft was designed, and thus we intend to use it for. Aire Super Puma. 6 Review(s) Minimal Price: $ 3,099.00. The piano hinge style of floor lacing, found in all AIRE … Aire Super Duper Puma. The largest addition to the Aire Puma raft family, this boat provides room for eight paddlers or three anglers. This versatile raft can slip into hard to reach fishing holes and is the most maneuverable 14' Play boat AIRE makes. AIRE Puma vs Super Puma Michael Strahan Nov 21 2004. The Aire 143D whitewater raft is a different animal altogether than the Aire 143R when it comes to on the river performance. The design works exceptionally well for our rivers, and if a private boater wants to run multi-day trips on the Rogue River, the Middle Fork Salmon River, and then have a fun playboat to use on coastal rivers with friends and family for a day of paddling; the 143D is hard to beat as a versatile all around raft. Third thwart sold separately A big brother to the Aire Puma and Aire Super Puma, the 14’2″ Aire Super Duper Puma offers more interior space, cargo room and stability, while maintaining the Puma family’s reputation for playfulness. Simply because with the sluggishness that it has, it’s better to run a 15 foot raft. It isn’t as stable as the 140, but it paddles better, and has a more pronounced bow and stern, making it an excellent raft for steep drops.

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