Kelvin is the unit of measure for temperature adopted by the International System of Units. Many engineering fields in the U.S. measure thermodynamic temperature using the Rankine scale. Kelvin. Home. padding-top: 20px; KELVIN TO REAUMUR (K TO °Re) FORMULA . Rankine (5 July 1820 — 24 December 1872). A temperature of 459.67 °R is precisely equal to and 0 °F. //-->. The boiling point of water on the Rankine scale is 671.67 °R, but 373.15 °Kelvins. The temperatureTin Kelvin is equal to the temperatureTin Rankine (°R) times 9/5. Kelvin to Rankine Converter A complete step by step tutorial on Kelvin to Rankine Converter. Note: Kelvin is a metric unit of temperature. Kelvin to Rankine. Rankine is similar to Fahrenheit. The online Kelvin to Rankine Converter is used to convert temperature from Kelvin (K) to Rankine (˚R). The letter K represents its unit after the value. Enter your value of °R and press convert. The Rankine temperature scale has a temperature interval of 1°R being equivalent to 1°F. Kelvin to Rankine table. How many Rankine in a Kelvin: If T K = 1 then T °R = 1.8000000000001 °R. 1 Kelvin = 1.8 Rankine ... De formule om Kelvin te converteren naar Rankine is 1 Kelvin = 1.8 Rankine.