Acclaim College Counseling

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28175 Haggerty Rd. • Novi, MI  48377

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Services Include:

  • Overall Assessment: Evaluate transcripts, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, community service, elected and non-elected leadership roles, higher education pursuits, research, and sample of writings
  • College Readiness: Identify gaps, help choose college prep courses, and provide recommendations to help prepare students for standardized tests
  • Competitive / Historical Analysis: Use web-based college research tools, like Naviance, to track former students’ grades, scores, and other variables, to optimize the application process
  • College Selection: Create an “apply to” list; Assist with decision upon acceptance(s) with the ultimate goal of finding the best fit academically, financially, and socially

  • College Application: Guide students strategically through the entire college application process, including undergraduate and graduate programs, and medical, dental, business, and law schools
    • Assist in obtaining the best possible letters of recommendation
    • Support students in developing higher quality essays, from idea generation to final draft
  • College Interviews: Prepare students for alumni interviews
  • College Funding: Help complete the CSS and FAFSA forms
  • Scholarships: Research scholarship opportunities and assist in application process
  • Follow-up Strategies: Develop deferred, waitlist, and extended-waitlist action plans