Senran Kagura Burst: Guren no Shoujotachi (Rev01) 閃乱カグラ Burst -紅蓮の少女達- Title : [3DS]Senran Kagura Burst -Guren no Shoujotachi- [閃乱カグラ Burst ‐紅蓮の少女達‐] (JPN) 3DS. 1 The Mahjong: Simple Series for Nintendo 3DS Vol. ID Build Date Tested By Hardware Citra Version Rating; e9afb779-5776-4268-b5e4-4d60a3adcdf6 : 11/12/2020 : benja_uwu on 11/14/2020: AMD Athlon 300U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx Tales of the Abyss. Home » 3DS » Senran Kagura: Burst (EUR) | N3DS ROM Senran Kagura: Burst (EUR) | N3DS ROM. Featuring the series' trademark high-flying, clothes-ripping battle mechanics, SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson follows the events of SENRAN KAGURA Burst, sending all 12 of the original cast members on another supernatural martial arts adventure through modern Japan. Details Download Senran Kagura – Shoujotachi no Shinei rom. Download Senran Kagura Burst (3DSE0549) ROM for 3DS completly free. The naughty yet very nice ninja girls of the SENRAN KAGURA universe return to the 3DS in a fresh, new 2.5D side-scrolling brawler. Game Information Japanese Title : 閃乱カグラ Burst ‐紅蓮の少女達 English Title : Senran Kagura Burst -Guren no Shoujotachi-Publisher : Marvelous Entertainment Developer :Marvelous Entertainment ROM : … Renascene information about release. 2 The Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu Archives 1: Senran Kagura Burst 3DS is an Action-Side Scrolling game Developed by Tamsoft and Published by Marvelous. All roms have multiple mirrors and work across all devices. Senran Kagura – Shoujotachi no Shinei. Bird Mania Christmas 3D. Platform: Nintendo 3DS Rom Type: CIA ... Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. roms3dsnet 6:09 pm el April 25, 2017 Group: BigBlueBox Number: 3DS0587 Release Name: Console: 3DS Download Senran Kagura – Shoujotachi no Shinei We offer you the chance to play this game directly to your PC without any … Roms 3DS EUR; Roms 3DS JPN; Roms 3DS USA; Archivo de la etiqueta: Senran Kagura 2 – Deep Crimson. Download 3DS CIA Games for 3DS & Citra (Region Free) & eShop Games – Best 3ds … Simple Series for Nintendo 3DS Vol. ... Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Entradas sobre Senran Kagura 2 – Deep Crimson escritas por roms3dsnet ... Roms3ds.NeT – Descarga Roms 3DS, Roms Ds, Roms, Gateway 3DS y Mas.. Los Mejores Roms 3DS DSI WII U Y Mas.. Saltar al contenido. ROM download page for Senran Kagura Burst (3DS) - File: 0643 - Senran Kagura Burst (Europe) | 0666 - Senran Kagura Burst (Europe) Decrypted.torrent - Brunch Panic. Posted on May 17, 2014.